Oil and Gas News
UK decom specialist scoops up cross-border campaign for over 20 wells in North Sea
Oil and Gas News
Norwegian contractor to build Shell’s Jackdaw platform
Wind News Offshore
First UK carbon storage licensing round opens for bids
Oil and Gas Jobs
From Redundant Oil Worker to £1M Business Owner
Palm Safe
Oil and Gas Jobs
Redundant Oil Worker Employs 20 as Business Success Spirals
26 New Safety Recommendations for North Sea Helicopter Safety
Energy News
CHC to Buy Babcock’s Offshore Helicopter Business
Energy News
Double boost as NXG opens larger Aberdeen HQ and launches Mexico operation
Hand Sanitiser Boss
Energy News
Ex Oil Worker Turned Sanitiser Boss Reveals The Differences Between Hand Gels and Why Some Dry Your Skin
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Energy News
Redundant Oil Workers Aim to Keep Businesses Covid Free with Launch of ViraClear
Palm Safe - Hand Gel Aberdeen.png
Energy News
Redundant Aberdeen Oil Worker Helps Scottish Businesses Prepare for Opening